Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Played On Carillon

Lady Gaga’s hit number ‘Bad Romance’ was played at the Iowa State University by Carillonneur Tin-Shi Tam and this resulted into a Facebook campaign by the students of ISU.

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This Facebook campaign has gone quite popular these days with many visits everyday. We know Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta more by her adopted stage name Lady Gaga, who has taken the pop world by storm in the last couple of years. Born in New York in 1986, she adopted the name Lady Gaga from the Queen hit number Radio Gaga from the 1980s. This song was commentary about how television overtook the popularity of the radio.

The song was written by Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor, originally as Radio caca, but was later changed to Radio Gaga as it sounded clear, better, and rolled out of the tongue easily. It might take some decades for the Lady Gaga to match Queen’s cult status, but she is well on her way. She released her debut album The Fame in 2008 which reached the number one position in Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, and Ireland. In US, it was at number two at the Billboard 200 chart and was number one at Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums.

Tin-Shi Tam, a native of Hong Kong, is the University Carillonneur or to say, the Cownie Professor of Music at the Iowa State University. She is a renowned artist on organ and carillon and has given recitals in Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the US. In the Iowa State University campus, she has a unique job. Every weekday, she can be found in a 12 by 12 feet room under the bell chamber which has the carillon console. At around 10 minutes before noon, she would start to make the bells of the ISU sing. A carillon, as you might know, is something which looks much like the organ, which has a pedal and a manual keyboard. It has long wooden batons for keys.

The ISU’s carillon keyboard has 50 keys, each of which is connected to cables that control the bells’ clappers. When you press a key on the keyboard, the clapper will knock the bell creating a unique sound. She has compiled her music into her “The Bells of Iowa State” collection, which was released in 2004.

But this time, her music was unique in its own way. The Facebook campaign started by the ISU students made Tam play Lady Gaga’s popular ‘Bad Romance’ over her carillon.

Lady Gaga is an artist everyone likes to copy, check out this musical performance of her Poker Face song by the iPhone girl. Also, don’t miss out this cool Lady Gaga currency.

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One thought on “Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Played On Carillon

  1. Jeff Davis.

    This must be the 10,000th time this silly thing has come to my inbox. It is a fine example, sadly, of two things: first, the media endlessly repeats itself and, second, Tin Shi has an enormous repertory of carillon music and this constant one-note publicity has done absolutely nothing to spread the word of the hundreds of other works more suited to the carillon than this silly piece. If anything, I’m convinced that the ‘publicity’ may be damaging to the carillon as a serious concert instrument.


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