A SteamPuter HG Wells would be Proud of

If you’re a fan of Jules Verne, HG Wells, the steampunk culture, lifestyle and everything that goes with, I’d bet my bottom dollar you would simply LOVE the Steamputer.

Yeah, you heard me – a custom modded Computer, SteamPunk style! Its no time machine, but it deserves our ecstatic attention none the less. It was available on eBay for $500, but unfortunately it’s already found a loving home. Still, you have to check out it’s cool design.


The clever guy who built the SteamPuter, known as BikerRidingGuitarPlayingFool on Flickr, spent approximately forty hours creating his Steam Punk style Objet d’art. The brilliantly designed steamputer was inspired by a 1920’s or maybe even a thirties typewriter, complete with the round “old typewriter style” keys for the keyboard.

steamputer one

Some of the pictures in his flickr account show how he assembled the the wireless mouse, the keyboard, and laid everything out, from those round Victorian style keys right down to the gold trimming and penny image above the keys. Oh, and I definitely have to mention the glorious old world gears as well! Really, what would any true Steampunk creation be without lots and lots of little brass gears and studs, all fitting perfectly and reminding us of the concept of a clockwork universe?  The Roman numeral keys are also a nice touch. Why use boring 1, 2, 3, and 9’s when you can add a touch of flair with I, II, III, and IX. It all fits in perfectly.

steamputer three

The monitor was an ordinary black 17 inch Dell LCD in a previous life. Just give it a new lease on life by adding some green enamel paint, gold trimmings and copper pipes on the side and you have a piece of SteamPunk artistry any artist would be proud of. The entire steamputer kit also comes with wireless mouse which matches the rest of the style.

steamputer two

Unfortunately the set didn’t include the actual computer; only the customized screen (don’t forget the copper pipes…), wireless mouse and keyboard. At least the custom-modded steampunk accessories set also included a can of matching green enamel effect paint so that the rest of your PC won’t feel disheartened about looking like some dreary modern piece of machinery…

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Via: Flickr