LEGO Kenny McKormick

If you’re a fan of South Park (or even if you aren’t), you’ve probably heard of that old joke, “Who killed Kenny?” This time, it was someone with an axe and a really good throwing arm.
The Kenny sculptures were created by DM_Meister, a Belgian LEGO artist who began sculpting with LEGO bricks in 2008. The detailing behind the sculptures themselves is really good, and you can really tell the amount of work the artist must have put into this. The basic Kenny sculpture (below) stands at 5,167 brick layers tall, meaning that it is probably almost a full scale model of Kenny.
DM_Meister created two versions of the sculpture; one being the basic Kenny, and a second sculpture wherein Kenny has an axe right through the middle of his skull. The detail in the second one is phenomenal, and the smaller features, such as the string at the front of the hoodie and the zipper are remarkably well done.
At the severing point of the axe against the skull, the artist used an extra layer of red bricks to make it look like blood is dripping, and there also looks to be a huge fracture in the actual skull off center from the axe, where there appears to be a dog nesting in Kenny’s brains. Not to mention the actual ribs and a puppy living off the insides of Kenny’s mutilated corpse.
The artist noted that he didn’t have any mice, so instead, he used dogs. He also points out the door in Kenny’s brain. We get a glimpse into the construction process as well, via the image of the sculpture mid-construction.
So, can we really say we don’t know who killed Kenny? From the looks of things, it was probably a dwarf who has a dog that just recently gave birth. Maybe. Either way, check out some other cool LEGO designs, like this LEGO Joystick or the Star Wars LEGO Chess Set.