Thor Hammer – Relive the 60s, Pay Tribute to The Mighty Thor!

There are days when you actually think of going back in time and enjoying that golden age of cinema once again. Although that can’t happen, here is another way to rejoice – the Thor Hammer.

Yup that’s right, hammer of the Mighty Thor from Asguard can now be kept in your own house. You will at least be able to tell your kids all those wonderful stories of Mighty Thor and how his hammer looked. I don’t think the comics are available now as the fad has already ended, so keep a memorabilia and make the most out of it.

There’s something about those Marvel Comic characters which is inspiring, entertaining, and deeply amusing to the nerves. All the kids back in those days had taken them up as their role models. Call it childhood fantasies or craziness, but it was real. There wasn’t a single child who had not been taken up by Marvel Superheroes. On one side you had Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and others and on the other hand you had a character like Thor. I call it the most amusing character to date because he was a combination of two of the most exciting flavors ever; superheroes and the Greek Mythology. I especially loved the episode in which Thor fell in love with a mortal and had to fight in Asguard for his freedom.

Anyways let’s get back to this hammer. First off, it’s an officially-licensed Thor Hammer but not for actual use. It’s meant to be kept as a memorabilia of the golden age of comics. The leather grip is beautiful and looks lasting; the shiny head is beyond excellence. Although I would have preferred the hammer to look more realistic, again it’s just a memorabilia and not an accessory for your next Thor-themed birthday party. Besides it is 20 inches long so you don’t want to scare the children. They won’t think of you as Thor but as a terrorist maybe. Children of today hardly know of Thor I guess, that’s a pity.

The product is available for $75, pretty cheap for a Marvel comic fan or a Thor fan!

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