Qvaq: A Key to Easy Social Communication Online

The cyberspace has always indulged itself in exploring new ways of communication, the latest being Qvaq. Qvaq is a web application for people to discuss about their issues in real time. Created by Martin Lindkvist and Robert Birming from Stockholm, Sweden, the website stands on no funding issues. Qvaq has come to be one of the most sought after web platforms for discussing topics of varied interests with people from different parts of the world in a subtle and easy way. The members can use various levels of chat that start with a standard post. The standard post mode is user-friendly and can be used without the support of any user manual, much like an IRC chat.

Although the standard post mode is simple to use, it only provides few options for the users as far as the usability is concerned. However, this does not hinder the virtues of the web application. For further options, the users can switch to “extended post” mode, which offers the users with a variety of options such as text format features, picture upload, video embedding etc. window and click on the name in the personal menu. With Qvaq, users can easily locate the chat contacts and the groups that they have joined.

Although Martin Lindkvist’s opinion is that group chatting is an old concept, he says that Qvaqis easily accessible and more powerful than any other web application present online today. Qvaq users also have the freedom to chat privately with any other Qvaq member. To choose a member from the user’s contact list, all the user needs to do is open the Qvaq.

The Qvaq Web Application provides a series of options for exploring a completely new and easy chat experience on the web. If a user is pre-occupied with work during chatting, the audio and visual notifications would keep him or her abreast of new messages so that the need for continuously keeping an eye on the chat window is not required. It also provides the users with the facility to open a scrapbook for various links, pictures, texts etc. A user can easily upload pictures and keep a track of the uploaded pictures in his or her personal photo gallery. Qvaq ensures an active participation of users by appropriating a space for polls and descriptions where users can vote for their opinion and take part in advanced discussions.

Updating status is just a click away with advanced features of the Qvaq application. Qvaq members can be easily searched as the application generates an auto link when the user types @ followed by the first letters of the user’s name and hits the tab key on the keyboard. Group names can also be easily located by typing in the name of the group on the search bar. The application lets the users see who is online in various groups. The names of online groups comes on top followed by the ones that are active and zero active, thereby making it easier for the users to decide which group to join and start communicating.

Although, Qvaq is still in its infancy, it is likely to make a huge difference to not only those who can handle complicated chatting applications but also those who have no knowledge about the existence of such applications.

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Via: qvak