Nintendo Coffee Table Mod – Well, it’s cool!

It’s official now – gaming consoles turning into furniture is the latest fad! Remember when we last reviewed the Sony PlayStation Coffee Table? That’s when we said that gaming is now intruding our normal lives too; and we are quite right. This Nintendo Coffee Table is a mere testimonial of our statement.

The worst or the best (depends on how you take it) part about this one is that it is actually equipped with a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). So, this time you don’t just have a coffee table that is shaped up like a gaming controller but you get to sit with your coffee on a table where you can actually play games.

I am pretty sure that parents now would hate the whole idea of gaming. Honestly, although the art is cool, I think it’s really weird to see such stuff coming up. I mean, I don’t really know of a gamer who would go that far with his gaming addiction; the ones who do, would simply be maniacs and nothing else. However, the very purpose of keeping it as memorabilia of the NES can be an acceptable fact.

Now apart from personal opinions, let’s talk about the table itself. The table comes with a giant-sized Nintendo controller which is underneath the lid as shown in the image below. This giant controller is used to play games. However, you can alternatively use a standard controller if you are not really comfortable with this one. Like I said, it’s all about how you take it up. Maybe, some gamers out there would love using this giant controller while having their coffee on it. Would that be cool? Well what can I say!

There is also a lid behind which can be used to attach storage devices to the table. The table is actually huge and right now it’s making me feel a bit weird. I mean, who would keep such a big gaming console in their house. Okay, as a memorabilia to the NES it’s understandable, but actually gaming on it? Strange that would be!

Anyways, I think the designer, Matt, does deserve appreciation for his cool work! Good job Matt!

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Via: Kotaku