Hey You Guys! Here’s a Sloth Sushi Figure

Even now, years and years after the film was made, I have friends that quote the Goonies. I’m not entirely sure, I was never that much of a fan; although admittedly it has some choice moments, but that doesn’t make this custom Sushi figure of Sloth from Goonies any less cool.

Just look at this guy! He was created for the Crazy 4 Cult Customs show at Gallery 1988. He stands roughly 3 1/4″ tall and has a Baby Ruth in his back pocket. You know, to complete the ensemble. Apparently, the teeth were the tiniest the artist has ever put together; and looking over the statue I can see what he means! Those are some seriously small chompers, but those sure do look great! I’m still not entirely sure why they are called sushi figures though. They sure don’t look like sushi to me, but I’m not that big of a sushi eater. Even if he is made of sushi, would you really want to eat poor Sloth? Could you bring yourself to take a bite out of his squishy little head? Well, maybe, but probably not.

The photo below gives us an idea of how much work really goes into these things. On our right we see the before model. Not exactly Mr. Personality, but thanks to the magic of.. uh.. sushi figure creation goodness, we have our very own mini Sloth! You can have your own mini figure Celebrity Deathmatch with these things. Sloth from Goonies takes on the Plants vs Zombies clay figurines in a Battle Royale. The winner, of course, gets to face the reigning champion. Who, you might ask? Mini Batman! Dum dum dum. I think any fictitious mini figure would be hard pressed to take on the caped crusader.  I bet he even comes with a fully functional mini utility belt. Take that mini baddies.

Via: Creatures in my Head