Revival of Boba Fett by Medicom

Out of all the figures and toys I have seen this year for the Star Wars Celebration I particularly like this Boba Fett one.  Released by Medicom Toy, this VCD small statue of one of the most highly acclaimed characters takes you back in time in a fun way.

As you can see it’s not just any ordinary figure in fact the whole appearance of Boba Fett has been transformed into what I like calling a ‘Comic Book Assassinator’. The best part is that the theme of the character and the details are still kept the same. You get a Boba Fett figure that you can present to your kid while telling him stories of those wonderful times. And trust me your kid won’t even feel like his dad is presenting him a classic statue. That’s because this Boba Fett figure is molded up like a cartoon character. Fun to keep, lovely to gaze at and the most adorable figure of this year!

The more I look at this figure the more I feel like they have transformed a shark into a dolphin but the viciousness is still there. Isn’t that utterly astounding? For me it is. Watching my childhood’s most vicious character turn into a cute little gun holding is truly exciting.

If you haven’t gotten your ribs tickling by just looking at this piece, you can try playing around with it. Move up its arm, make it aim at objects and make it look like a true macho man or more likely like a true Boba Fett mini statue that just wants to shoot, shoot, and shoot!

For people who don’t know about Boba Fett…

Boba Fett has been one of the most highly acclaimed characters from Star Wars. Over the years, many (and I mean many) such figures have been released and sold of Boba Fett. He is a robotic looking bounty hunter and the main villain of Star Wars Episode 5.

Now imagine having a tiny figure of such a guy! That’s like having a Heath Ledger Joker figure in your house. Fierce, violent, and surrounded by mystery are all what Boba Fett is about and it’s just for $10. It can’t get much any better than that can it?

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Via: Collected