Death Star Ear Tattoo Gets Too Close for Comfort

That shot came from that nerd’s ear! That thing’s operational! It even has a Tie Fighter!  At least that’s what I’d imagine Lando would say if he saw this reader’s Death Star Ear Tattoo.I know I always say that a lot of these look like they would hurt a hell of a lot, but this one looks like it really would. I mean on your ear? Really? Then again, considering there’s a big gaping hole in the person’s ear just below it, I bet they have a high tolerance for pain. Just saying.

Now the Death Star is cool in and of itself, but the Tie Fighter really puts the icing on the cake.. er.. ear (ewww). I was curious as to what is the gender of the person in the photo (I suppose once you get up THAT close no one really looks all that flattering); but according to the original post, the person is in fact a he. The tattoo doesn’t look like the most detailed thing I have ever seen, but maybe the artist was running out of real estate and couldn’t quite get the whole scene in.

Maybe it’s just that people can’t help to not cover their bodies in Star Wars stuff. Take a look at this Stormtrooper Mexican Sugar Skull Tatoo (try saying that 30 times fast. Don’t lie to me, I know how bored you are!) which combines some Mexican art with Star Warsy goodness (yes, that is a word.. in the official dictionary of my brain). Let’s say you want something a little simpler, or at least less permanent. Well you can always paint your nails the Star Wars way. Who doesn’t want their own Stormtrooper legion on their hand(s)? Don’t worry, Darth Vader is there too to keep them in line. Then again maybe, you don’t want him force choking your finger…ouch.

Via: Geekologie