Game Over – Replaces Pixels With Humans for the Pacman Game!

I must agree. There are times when you get a first look at something and instantly say, ‘that’s easy to do’. But after you get to learn about the hard work that has been employed behind the curtains, then you know that it is truly awesome. Project Game Over is a testimonial to one such artwork by Guillaume Reymond.

Guillaume is a French-Swiss artist who is a part of the NotsoNoisy Creative Agency. The overall concept of this project was introduced and worked on by the artist himself; and he has done a great job!

Now if you were wondering what the Project Game Over is actually about, keep reading as we are about to unfold the truth…

Project Game Over is a series of animation clips which are joined together to make the whole thing work. What you are seeing right now is a snapshot of the video, and the video itself spans 5 minutes. You wouldn’t really know that it took more than 6 hours for the team to complete the whole thing. Each and every human that you see moving is actually a totally new shot. So, in other words, there are various shots in the clip which were converted into animation and joined together to make it look real. Not a lot of technological stuff is used here, but for sure a lot of hard work is.

Imagine how tough it would have been for the designer to make the arrangements by himself and with that accuracy. It’s not as easy as it appears to be. We all have done such images in school time before, but just imagine having hundreds of such pictures to make one animation movie. Wouldn’t that be something that requires utter dedication and concentration? For sure it is, and that’s exactly why we need to appreciate the efforts by Guillaume. Wonderful job has been done here.

Who says that technology has killed art? I don’t know think so; and now after seeing this video, I knew then that if you want to be creative you can be, regardless of what platform you use. Hats off to you, Guillaume!

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pacman stop motion video game

Via: The High Definite