18 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts

Man it would be so amazing if all the concepts we see come to life! There are some really great minds out there who are always working with their creativity and imagination to get us some really interesting and amazing stuff. Anyways, the best part about concepts is that they are fully capable of enchanting us with their amazing features; and the fact is – we just love to know about such brilliant ideas!

At Walyou, we love such brilliant ideas, which is why we have compiled this brilliant list of 18 futuristic Motorcycle Concepts. The list features some really interesting designs and ideas which if ever come to life, are definitely going to rock the world.

Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle

Here is a brilliant concept for bikers who have been waiting for some massive change in today’s motorcycle technology. This is called Machine Fly, designed by Gonzalo Guerrero; as name suggests, it’s a motorcycle that can fly! It has no wheels, floats above ground, and looks totally kick-ass!

Agorapode Concept Super Bike

This is Diode, a design by Jon McCoy; and the winner of the Agorapode Contest which was held in April 2010. It looks like a brilliant rendition, and I so wish that this was real.

MoonRider Flying Bike

When you think about the future, you always think of something like Futurama where all vehicles fly, and space travel is just a piece of cake. Well, if that ever happens remember that we have already told you about the MoonRider Flying Bike which is now a concept but will then become reality.

Poshwatta Motorcycle Concept

This is a concept designed by Nils Poschwatta. According to Poschwatta the motorcycle is powered by the Wankel engine, and features adjustable parts for dynamic as well as static use.

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ICare Motorcycle Concept

This brilliant futuristic motorcycle concept is powered by the first Cylinder Flat Honda engine. The design looks totally evil, and it also features the magnetic field balancing technology.

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Honda Club Motorcycle

This is the Honda Club Motorcycle concept designed by Sam Jilbert. It is a conventional motorcycle concept which is powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and it also features a futuristic design. However the design suggests that if this ever launches it will be a hit in the Japanese markets.

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Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheel Motorcycle

Look at this really beautiful and rich motorcycle concept. It is powered by a V-Twin engine and an electric motor. It is of the same width as its two-wheeled counterpart; but it looks way awesome than the original production bike.

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Fallout Motorcycle Concept

Designed by William Woods this is the Fallout Motorcycle Concept, and I am not quite sure where it fits in. They frame is connected by a single side swing arm which gives it these killer looks.

Jaguar Motorcycle Concept

Masscow Concept Cycles (MCC) has designed this brilliant Jaguar concept bike inspired by the logo of Jaguar cars. This is an example of sheer brilliant design work. It is powered by air-cooled Buell S3’s 1200cc V-twin engine and the frame is made using steel tubing, glass-fiber fairing, removable magnetic mandibles, and a headlight which looks like a jaguar’s head.

Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

Designer Barrend Massow Hemmes is the brains behind this amazing Red Bull Motorcycle Concept. It has a rich red finish, created by using fiberglass finish with high gloss polyurethane lacquer. It is a brilliantly constructed bike design inspired by Red Bull’s logo.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept

The upcoming Tron Legacy movie has already created a lot of excitement, and it is very obvious that geeks around the world will be very soon building their own Tron Legacy Light Cycle. Anyways, here is a brilliant concept of the Light Cycles which will feature in the movie.

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

This motorcycle concept is inspired by the world-famous Ferrari brand of cars. If Ferrari ever plans to manufacture two-wheelers this is probably how they will look like.

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Leo Motorcycle Concept

Now this is totally futuristic, it is known as the Sampdesign Leo, and the concept is made for long distance motorcycle rides. It features great ergonomics and will be equipped with a 10KW electric motor and an acceleration progressive system which will help maximize performance and autonomy.

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Pendolauto Bike Concept

Designed by Swiss Designer Franco Sbarro, this brilliant concept seems to be inspired by the 1988 Anime blockbuster Akira. The bike sports two extra wheels and was first displayed at the Geneva Auto Show back in 2008.

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Puma Motorcycle Concept

Man, this concept bike, Puma clothing, and some awesome Puma racing shoes are totally going to make you look super cool. Anyways, you may still have to wait as the concept is far from going into production.

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Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept

Well, there have been a few three-wheeled motorcycle concepts out there, but this looks the most interesting. The concept is designed by Julien Rondino, and is called the Axial 3 Wheels (A3W) based on the KTM LC8.

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Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept

If clowns in the future ever decide to ride bikes this would be their ultimate choice. This is the Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept designed by Bombardier, which consists of an electric motor and surprisingly can also carry a passenger along with the rider.

Hornet Superbike Concept

Here is another futuristic one-wheeled motorcycle concept. It is called the Hornet Superbike and has ability to zoom around at the speed of your kmph. It is designed by Liam Ferguson with dual citizenship hp (55 kw) in-wheel hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron (Nd-Fe) electric motors which allow the bike to attain such high speeds.