Cut The Super Mario Cake And Rescue Your Princess

Your wedding cake is surely something special, yet who would not want to cut into a cake that makes someone feel special?

Every individual has his own choices, likes and dislikes, and so does a gamer. In that context, how do you think should a wedding cake be for a gamer? Well, it is now the time for you to rejoice as the Super Mario Wedding Cake is here!

Super Mario Bros

Nintendo developed its platform video game Super Mario Bros. in the late 1980s, and then again in 1983, they published another sequel to the game Mario Bros. In the Super Mario Bros. game, the gamer, as Mario, had to rescue Princess Toadstool of Mushroom Kingdom from the evil King Bowser of Koopas. Mario also had a younger brother Luigi, but he could be used only as a second player to Mario in the multiplayer mode of the game. The Super Mario Bros. was the best selling game for over two decades.

The epic Super Mario Bros. was a good enough inspiration for an innovative couple to come up with the Super Mario Wedding Cake! The cake was made in Minneapolis, by Gimme Some Sugar. After some search, the bride did manage to find some toy figures of the Nintendo Club members, which appear in the Super Marios Bros. game.

This cake is the most beautiful Mario cake that I have ever seen. Mario with his Princess stands on the top portion of the cake, ready to kiss her. Underneath is the scene of the lively city of Las Vegas.

For chess and Mario lovers, here is a Super Mario Bros. Chess Cake that truly is a connoisseurs’ delight. Yet another cake based on the Super Mario Bros. is a Super Mario Galaxy Cake, of which all parts are not edible. It shows a nice view of Mario characters placed in the galaxy far-far away!

Perhaps, you can even have your own Super Mario Wedding Cake on your wedding night and cheer up cutting it in your own Super Mario style!