Alien Queen Statue That Looks Real!

For those of you who are keen of watching alien movies, here comes an amazing life-size alien queen statue from Aliens. This queen is just like the T-Rex of the famous alien world.

Alien Queen Statue

Making this alien statue was part of a cool project, and this statue has been made of foam boards and plaster strips to give a full-sized alien queen look. In order to make this life-size alien queen statue from Aliens, the makers went through the Queen’s scenes in Aliens movie many times. They even minutely observed behind the scenes features and image galleries to make this superb statue. The design of this statue was so appealing that the maker was motivated to make it as soon as its final design was prepared.

The main goal behind the making of this alien queen statue was to make a life-sized and accurately detailed statue. It was always an aim to make a huge statue while keeping the arms and legs thin using an adequate amount of plaster strips, This statue measures 14 feet.

Watching the statue, you will at first be horrified that a statue can look so ugly.  However, after some time, you will begin appreciating it’s built and features. From its face to its mouth, from its arms to chest, and from its back to legs, every part has been made after a careful study to give a real life-size statue.

This life-size alien queen comprises of several unique parts that have been grabbed from a damaged car, a boat, a motorbike, a television, and a dishwasher. All the individual parts of this statue were welded together to craft its body parts and limbs.

Once the construction of this life-size alien queen statue was over, its polishing was done, and its sharp edges were removed. You would be glad to know that this statue is well-coated with several layers of strong lacquer in order to protect it from weathering. In case, you wish to buy alien queen statues, you can check it out from RoboSteel, and also make sure to discuss the various shipping options.

This large alien size statue weighs over 1,200 lbs or 550kg, and costs just $6,165USD. The best thing about this amazing life-size alien queen statue from Aliens is that it is made of 4,000 recycled spare parts, so it doesn’t waste anything in its production.

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Via: Instructables