MB&F HM3 Watch Shows Date And Time In A Peculiar Way!

You might have worn and seen many watches, but there is something unique about the new MB&F HM3 Watch.


Featuring a special design, this luxury watch serves multi-functions with ease. This watch has been especially developed for gadget fetish people, who wish to wear highly complex and beautifully made creations. Following the same ‘one crazy watch a year’ concept, MB&F has done it again with MB&F HM3 Watch. As far as the detailing and finishing of this watch are concerned, it is simply superb. The watch has been appropriately polished for the sophisticated look. Though the watch looks complex, its functionality is not that complex. Just like other watches, this watch too displays time and date, but there is more to it that it displays. The winding movement of this watch is very smooth. The date disc of the watch turns, and can be read via a small indicator arrow on the case. The watch also features a sapphire crystal over its movement section. This Swiss made wrist watch has three separate dials that give it a sophisticated look.


MB&F HM3 Watch is part of the Opus watch collection at Harry Winston. This collection was a mixed bag comprising of highly complicated timepieces. Prior to MB&F HM3 Watch, HM1 and HM2 models were launched, and then came the HM3 model that was an answer to all the flaws noticed in the earlier HM watches series. In short MB&F HM3 Watch is a designer watch with an ultimate design and superb features. This Watch comes with a black leather strap that is very durable, and is designed to last longer. This one is a big watch with 47mm x 50mm dimensions. People with small or big wrists can easily wear it without any difficulty. Its custom alligator strap is very comfortable, and tapers in a butterfly style clasp. This amazing watch comes in an appealing case that makes it an ideal object for gifting to loved ones on special occasions. The watch’s symmetrical and attractive design is the major USP of the watch. HM3 or Horological Machine 3, this watch actually represents what MB&F can do. The watch displays it all, be it the date, time, night or day, month of the year, and direction. The stainless steel body of this watch gives it a durable look. So, go for MB&F HM3 Watch if you are a real gadget freak, the price of this watch will be revealed soon. The previously announced MB & F Horological Machine No. 4 Thunderbolt and Horological Machine No2-SV Watch were also equally amazing! Via: Ablogtoread