21 Weird Motorcycle Mods and Designs

Motrocycles have always captured the attention of potential riders, but with different mods and creations, they also attract those who have never even been on one. In this great collection we gathered 21 Motorcycle mods that may not necessarily be street legal but are so cool that it doesn’t really matter.

Predator Motorcycles

predator motorcycle mod design 1

Both of these Motorcycles must have been done by die-hard Predator fans. The Terrifying Predator Motorcycle was seen in Thailand, while the other Predator Motorcycle was done in New Jersey. The details are so amazing that any child will get Nightmares, while the movie fans could only hope it was legal to ride around town with.

predator motorcycle mod design 2

Steampunk Motorcycles

black widow steampunk chopper mod design 1

Steampunk art is ever-so-popular, and we can see demonstrated beautifully with both the Black Widow Steampunk Chopper and the Steampunk Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The frame, style, design and detail are perfect for any Biker and fits with the Steampunk movement.

harley davidson steampunk motorcycle mod design 2

Batman Motorcycles

batman batpod motorcycle mod design  1

Batman fans are not hard to find, but it is amazing to see them come out with awesome Motorcycle mods such as these. The Batpod PS Mod doesn’t only look like something from a Batman movie but looks as if Batman would completely approve. The second Batman Motorcycle Mod is just as exciting and was actually available on eBay.

batman batpod motorcycle mod design 2

Bull and Jaguar Motorcycles

red bull motorcycle mod design

What started out as only concepts was turned into reality with the Jaguar Motorcycle, and the Red Bull Motorcycle maybe following suit.

jaguar motorcycle mod design

Akira Motorcycle Mods

akira motorcycle mod design

Just as it the case is with Batman, there are many Anime fans out there, and especially for the movie Akira. In the end, since it wasn’t officially released, fans have ended up creating the Akira Motorcycle Design on top of an actual bike and also modded a real Scooter to match the movie’s design.

akira scooter mod design

Source 1

Chainsaw Motrocycle

chainsaw motorcycle mod design

The Chainsaw Motorcycle was created by the Chainsaw company Dolmar and includes 24 separate chainsaws to power it up and keep it running. (beware: Video is loud)

Motorcycle Car

snaefell motorcycle mod design

This is a beautiful design known as the Snaefell Motorcycle Car that kind of speaks for itself. Although it looks amazing as is, it would have been even better if the bike could detach.

Pocketbike i7 Casemod

pocketbike pc mod design

A cool PC Mod that is built within a Pocketbike Mod. The actual specs are: 1TB of storage, 3GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, EVGA 9800 GTX+ graphics card, Asus P6T, 1x WD 500gb HDD, True120 + tricool, Corsair TX750watt PSU, XFX 8800 GTS and more. It is a powerful computer but definitely won’t be legal to ride on around town.

Restored 1930 KJ Henderson

1930 kj henderson motorcycle mod design

This 1930 KJ Henderson restoration is practically cool enough for Batman or any other rider, for its design is outstanding, the finish is superb, and it just looks like a lot of fun to ride.

Terminator Motorcycle

terminator salvation motorcycle mod design

Although it isn’t a real bike, the Terminator Salvation Motorcycle is a force to be reckoned with. You do not have to be a Terminator fan to appreciate the detail and utter coolness that oozes out of it.

Apple Motorbike Mod

apple g4 motorbike motorcycle mod design

Built on top of a mini Motorbike, the Apple Motorbike Mod is made from an old G4 case and can hit speeds of up to 30MPH. I think Steve Jobs would appreciate one of these in his castle, don’t you think?

MotoCzysz E1pc

MotoCzysz E1pc electric motorcycle mod design

The MotoCzysz E1pc is currently the most advanced Electric Motorcycle. It has 10x the battery power of a Prius and 2.5x the torque of a Ducati, so bikers really have something to be excited about.

Source 1

Rocket Bike

rocket bike motorcycle mod design

Nothing much to say about this except…isn’t it awesome?

Source 1

Suzuki Pro Mod Drag Bike

2005 Suzuki Pro Mod Drag Bike motorcycle mod design

Created by Roderick Mansaw this is a 2005 Suzuki Pro Mod Drag Bike that took 850 hours to create. Gotta hand it to Roderick, it is a powerhouse on wheels.

Custom motorcycle RV mod

Custom motorcycle RV mod motorcycle mod design

Seems like the perfect combo by granting the fun of a motorcycle but also the ability to stop and camp where you please.

Image: getzsch

Modified Motorcycle

modified motrocycle mod design mini car

I would expect such a Motorcycle Mod to actually come out of a Woodie Allen movie, wouldn’t you?

Image: sketchguy