Superhero Tattoo Bares All

OK, so I’ve seen some badass looking tattoos in my time; but not so many of this superhero scale. There are a whole lot of comic book heroes captured in this tattoo (mostly women, with the odd sprinkling of male characters like Robin and the Flash mixed in there for good measure). As the original poster points out, it isn’t the best body art I’ve ever seen, but I’m sure it brought the pain getting it. Looking it over, all I have to say is: ouch.

High pain tolerance aside, I guess after going through the whole “I got my entire torso tattooed with superhero stuff process”, this guy probably felt the need to show them off. I don’t really blame him, although I think I’d go with something other than suspenders.. It just doesn’t give the right impression. Or maybe it does, I’m not sure what kind of fashion sense this guys go for. It could be a cool thing to do now, walking around Comic-Con while showing off your less than impressive tattooed physique. Then again, I’ve seen a whole lot worse at a local anime convention, so who am I to judge, right?

Now, we here at Walyou are no strangers to badass body art, either. I’ll probably never forget first gaping at this impressive Alice in Wonderland Tattoo, for example. I think we should even have a battle of the cool tattoo contest! Who will triumph, superheroes or Alice in Wonderland? Maybe we can even startup our own gaming category, with entries like this Tetris Tattoo come to mind. Looking over the “back” image, however, maybe you should probably keep yours well above the waste. That last image is almost difficult to look at… Staying just above the equator, that is. I’ll never be able to look at the Wonder Woman icon in the same way again (at least that’s what I think it is.. I try not to stare too hard).

Via: Geekologie