Lego Pacman Walker

If you are a fan of Pacman and are always on the lookout for Pacman merchandise, this Lego Pacman Walker is sure to make the cut.

Pac-Man Walker-1

Created using yellow colored Lego bricks, this innovative design of Profound Whatever [who also brought you the Lego Inception Scenes and Characters] features the Pacman supported on two mechanical legs. Though some of you may wonder how those somewhat rickety legs can support the entire thing, the trick lies in getting the design right.

The creator of this Pacman Walker has jokingly said that the design was in continuation of his tradition of putting legs on legless things!

Pac-Man Walker-2

In case you are wondering when you will see Ms Pacman in a similar form, keep your eyes glued here as many admirers of the Pacman Walker have already requested the creator to go ahead and bring some cherished company to this Pacman. Who knows, the lady Pacman may arrive soon!

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