Lord Darth Vader as Lord of Broken Hearts?

Well that has to either be very stupid or very cool. Lord Vader as the Lord of Broken Hearts or more likely the heartbreak Lord? Whoa, that’s one idea that has amused me! Like I said, it can either be very ridiculous for some or very cool for others, but it has to be amusing for both groups.

First of all, let’s just admit that the Star Wars fad has not died yet and it can never ever die. Now, it seems like it’s a never ending thing, that for the next 100 years, we are going to see Star Wars related stuff coming up every now and then. For the Star Wars fans like me, it’s pretty cool; yet I wonder what the others think about it. But, do we care? Nope, we don’t!

So what’s the deal with this Lord Vader thing?

Okay, it’s basically a playing card that shows how Darth Vader would appear on an Imperial deck of cards. It’s a wonderful design that not only incorporates Lord Vader on the card but also changes the entire look of the thing. How? First off, the heart has been changed into a ‘broken heart’, which according to Rocom was the ideal thing to do with it. To be honest, I think he is quite right. Imagine how Lord Vader would have looked with those red hearts on both corners. Yew!

The card measures around 11 inches in width and 17 inches in length. Yup, it’s a pretty big one. It is a collector’s item so it’s not really of the same size as a normal playing card would be. The paper has a satin finish and is in all manners ready to be framed. That’s the best part about it actually. Most of such cards you get to see around the corner get damaged during the framing process. But, this card promises to preserve its perfect original state even when framed.

Moreover, the card’s overall color scheme has given it much deeper touches. Believe it or not, it’s a true piece of art and you can’t miss it especially if you are a Star Wars fan! Good job Rocom!

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