14 Amazing Bookmark Designs

You don’t need to be a geek or a bookworm to read books. In fact, if you are one, you probably wouldn’t want to read on, for you would complete whatever book you are reading in one sitting. However, this is for those who like to read, but do not have enough time to complete the book in one go. Bookmarks are for such people; those who complete reading a book in “parts”.

We have brought to you some of the most beautiful and innovative bookmarks to let you perfectly remember the page where you last stopped reading. Moreover, the attractive bookmark will also serve as a source of interest, which will keep you pulling back to your half-left book. Find the best for you from the list below.

Liquid Bookmark

Kyouei designed Liquid Bookmarks, which are colorful and very attractive. These are made of silicon and appear as if the bookmarks are melting. Every Liquid Bookmark is hand made by designer himself and each design is unique.

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Cool Bookmark

Super cool bookmark is totally stylish and attractive. This bookmark depicts a waving hand that peeks out from the book. The bookmark also comes in cool hip color.

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Running Man Bookmark

This bookmark is made up of silicon rubber and is in the shape of a running man. His floppy body trapped within the pages of your book, makes it look like this the man is trying to run out of the book.

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Spectacles Bookmarks

Spectacles Bookmarks, as the name suggests, have got the shape of an old fashioned pair of glasses. Now you will ask what’s so great about this bookmark? Let me tell you, this Spectacles Bookmark is not just a bookmark, but also a USB Flash Drive which has 2GB of memory.

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Bright LED Bookmark

[LITE]Read Bookmark is a simple and elegant looking bookmark. This [LITE] READ functions as a bookmark as well as portable reading light. This device has got 6 LED’s, which provide 8 hours of reading time. To charge this device, simply keep it in sunlight during daytime. When you are finished reading the book, the device functions as a slim bookmark. The light turns off by a contact switch when the book is closed and turns on once it is opened again.

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The New Mark Night Light Bookmark

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning only with a faint recollection of the amazing book you were reading last night. You went off to sleep and the reading light remained on, sounds familiar? If yes, then this unique and cool “New Mark Night Light Bookmark” is the solution for your problem. This cool gadget looks somewhat like a wedge, but it’s actually a glowing light bookmark. With its pressure sensitive system, the bookmark kills the light when it detects that a book is placed on it.

Silver Bookmark

The idea of this “Silver Bookmark” is to combine the convenience of Fresnel lenses with a luxury silver bookmark. The lens is made from high quality durable plastic and silver frame. You can also embed an LED backlight for more comfortable reading. It’s the most stylish, elegant, and classic piece of bookmark.

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Burning Bookmarks

“Burning Bookmark” is one of the brightest and hottest looking bookmarks. This bookmark will definitely burn the on-lookers with jealousy. When kept in a book, it looks as if the book is on fire and the flames are coming out from the pages.

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Pointing Finger Bookmark

Regular bookmarks are good but they only mark the page where you left reading last, but never the exact sentence or word. This “Pointing Finger Bookmark” is unique, simple, and very useful. The bookmark not only marks your page but also the exact line or word where you last stopped reading.

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Abracadabra Pneumatic Bookmark

You must have seen many bookmarks but I bet nothing like this one. “Abracadabra Pneumatic Bookmark” is interesting and carries unique concept of a bookmark. It is a two chambered bookmark – one filled with air is placed between the pages. When the book is closed, the air is pushed to the outside chamber. To open the book you simply squeeze the exposed chamber, popping it open; wide enough to slip your finger in and pick up where you’ve left off.

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Save Bookmark

This Save icon bookmark is simple and can be easily made at home by anyone. All you have to do is just draw a Save icon on one end of the long strip of paper and there you go, you have your personalized bookmark ready to be used.

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Cookbook Markers

How does an over-used cookbook look like? Let me tell, messy with dirty finger prints and stains of food all over the pages. However, now you can flip the pages of your cookbook without spoiling it with these clever “Cookbook Markers”, which provide quick access to your favorite recipes while keeping cookbook pages clean. Silicon rings are affixed to metal bookmarks so you can keep flipping the pages of the cookbook without having to touch them with your grimy hands. These bookmarks are dishwasher safe and come in set of four.

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iPhone Icons Paperclips Design Bookmarks

For all you geeks who can’t get enough of their iPhones, the “iPhone Icons Paperclips Bookmark” is yet another accessory. The bookmark is in the form of paperclips designed with the most popular iPhone icons. This adorable Paperclip set arrives in a miniature matchbook, which also has a beautiful design.

Green Leafs Bookmarkers

All those who love nature and are always looking for a way to get close to Mother Nature, these “Green Leafs Bookmarkers” are perfect for you. These bookmarks look exactly like leaves and come in a bunch. You may even use multiple leaves to mark your important pages.

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