Cute Fan-made Lego Ad

It’s hard to pin point a time where Lego didn’t exist. It’s just something that seemed to have always been around. They were there when we were born and they continue to exist today. With this, it is to be expected that the Lego pieces go through changes as they adapt to the new generations and also come up with new great ideas.

Build Anythin g

The creators of this Build Anything video were sorting through their old Lego set to put together a fan made advertisement for Lego. The concept of this video is simple: he takes his mini Lego creations and places them in the scenario of which the real life creation would be.


What’s great about this video is that it’s not reliant on special effects. He doesn’t bother to actually make it look as if the Lego replicas are actually taking the place of the real thing. Instead he goes at it the tourist way. When people go on vacation, there are always the generic pictures of someone “holding” one of the buildings. For some reason, playing with the perceptions of depth becomes the norm as soon as you leave your hometown. In this video, you can see the hand holding the Lego, making it obvious that he had made these creations. They are obviously smaller than the real things. He also adds a small bit of humor because of the generic way it plays with perception.

Lego Car

In the description box, the creator talks about how he is using older Lego materials, almost as if this might pose a problem. Realistically though, this is just calling attention to the fact the pieces are old. It’s not likely that people would, without this piece of information, point out that the Lego pieces are outdated.

Lego is Lego. Timeless.

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Via: Studiocanoe