Rocking It Old School with the Gakken 8mm Projector

Gakken, a Japanese manufacturer, has just released an 8mm projector that is convenient, affordable, and snazzy.  The new projector embraces the old school film format for anyone who is cool enough to be shooting on 8mm – or, anyone who still has 8mm video lying around.

Whether you want to relive your childhood or make the next Super 8 blockbuster, this convenient projector is pretty slick.  When I think of the word “projector” I usually think of boring high school educational films made in the 1980s.  This is bound to be a lot cooler.  Hell, I might even be tempted to get one of these for my next house party.  DJs or rockers might want to add this convenient little toy to their arsenal of video weaponry…it is offered for $174.

So here are the specifics:  the Gakken projector will play Single 8, Super 8, and Dual 8 film.  For those of you out there who are planning on editing some of your own film, there is a handy editing tool included.  Exercise your punk-rock cred by hand-cranking this projector to get it “rolling.”

A new twist on the old design includes a high-intensity LED projection light, powered by three double A batteries.  Granted there is some assembly required and the manual is in Japanese, let’s hope it’s easier to put together than Ikea furniture.  The whole thing weighs a little less than seven ounces (190g), so it’s light and portable.

The Japanese are often known for their super high-tech toys, but this projector proves that there’s not always a need for flashing lights and gizmos.   If you are interested in a projector that is a little bit fancier, you might want to check out the “candy bar” video projector that we’ve reviewed a little while back.  Or, if you’re super DIY, you might check out the DIY piece about building your own home cinema — which is slightly more work and a lot less portable.