You may not say it, but we know it: Facebook Phone

Many large companies, before launching a product (especially a phone), try to hide the product as much as possible. There are various examples, such as Google in 2009 denied that they were working on a phone. Later on, they released a phone. Same happened with Microsoft, who refused to admit that they were working on a Zune phone. However, that too proved false. Now, the latest to enter in such controversies is Facebook. The number one social networking site and ranked second on Alexa website rankings has also denied that they are in the process of making a “Facebook Phone”.

However, there is evidence that they are working on such a phone; below you can see the picture of the “Facebook Phone”. I know it has quite a bit resemblance with the iPhone. In fact, you can even go ahead and say it’s a clone of it. Still you can’t deny that it looks cool and stylish, also since this is a phone from Facebook, it will have added functionalities that allow you to access your Facebook account more easily than with other phones, meaning if you are a Facebook fan, you will be able to enjoy the full functionality of your Facebook account now with your phone. Furthermore, it is especially designed for Facebook applications, thereby allowing you mobility but not compensating with your enjoyment. In order to understand more details about the Facebook Phone, take a look at the picture.


This is as much as we know of (or heard of) the Facebook Phone as of yet with a mock up design by Sean Percival. All of which can be true or in the end it can turn out as just a rumor. In fact, whether Facebook is making a phone at all or not is not known for sure. They have denied it flatly. However, there are loopholes in their statement, as the same statement was given by Google, which could simply imply to the fact that the phone will not be manufactured by their own parts, since Facebook doesn’t own any hardware making factory. But they could still finance the phone, which legally makes it their phone. In the end, it has to be said that it does look good, however its position will become clearer hopefully in the following months.

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