Saitek X52 Flight Control System has Ergonomic Design

Saitek has always brought forward innovative and greatly useful productions from quite a long time now. This time Saitek has introduced an amazing flight control system called the X52 Flight Control System.

X52 Flight Control System by Saitek

It has been designed and made with the use of the best technologies and great brilliance. This new inclusion to the gaming world is sure to bring the gamers back to their seats and keep them glued. The design of the latest flight control system depicts perfect engineering, ergonomic factor, and the most enhanced features that are much required for just the right aeronautical experience.

The X52 Flight Control System has some of the best features like illuminated buttons and Multi Function Display, which will facilitate the pilot in finding ways in low light places. Roger Wilco Chat software will keep accompanying the player while playing multiplayer online gaming. Saitek Smart Technology software and rubber grips are provided for better handling and comfort. The features of the Saitek X52 Flight Control so far are quite impressive and going for a try of these will be pretty worth the value for one. However, a cost of just $99.95 for this amazing flight control system is another plus factor for one to get this.

Furthermore, there are other remarkable specifications that look appealing enough and most of these you can find packed in the joystick itself. The most unavoidable ones include 4 fire buttons that even comprise of a missile launcher as well, 2 primary buttons placed together in a very convenient and easy to press position, 2 Hat Switches for indicating 8 ways, a 3D rudder twist, a 2-stage metal trigger, and 2 fire buttons.

The joystick also has been designed to suit all hand sizes through the implementation of the 5-position handle adjustment system. There are many other nameable features like LED indicators that come with a 3-position rotary mode selector, 3 toggle switches that are spring loaded and base-mounted, which can command up to 6 programs, and a slider control for smooth operation and fast action in making your serves against your opponent.

Saitek has always been the best in what it does and hence, there can be no doubt about the quality and the performance of the things designed and introduced by it. In that context, the X52 Flight Control System by Saitek is a must buy equipment for the game freaks, which is easily compatible with the Windows operating systems like Windows 7, XP/XP64, and Vista.

Just like the Mephisto Master Chess Computer by Saitek and Cyborg Computer Keyboard for Gamers, the latest control system will also be a favorite of the gadget geeks.