Braille Stapler Combines Braille Board and Braille Printer

Science and technology are advancing day by day, and a recent advancement can be seen in the Braille Stapler. Now, deaf and blind can communicate with the world in a better way. An expert team of Korean designers have achieved a new level of satisfaction for the deaf and blind.

braille stapler

Headed by designer Dong Won Jang, a team of experts comprising Lee Hansub, Bae Jungmin, and Park Mihyang, together came up to craft a unique and interesting device that promises to reduce difficulties faced by the deaf-blind in communicating with the rest of the world.

Braille Stapler has marked a revolutionary makeover of the device by simply combining Braille board and Braille printer in a single unit. Now, using this device is easy, portable, and quick. The revolutionized concept now revolves around using six buttons. All a user needs now to do is insert the paper into the Braille stapler, and push the six buttons to write a memo instantly.

braille stapler 1

This revolutionary device now eases the issue of writing and reading in reverse. To name a few buttons out of the six buttons of this device are the Space button, Insert button, and Braille button. Using this device might confuse the beginners, but it is very easy to use and the user will get used to it in a day.

The old Braille boards were not so portable as this new revolutionized board is. Not only this, they were slow in process and difficult to handle by the deaf and blind. On the other hand, this new Braille Stapler is a gift for the deaf and blind with its ease of use, speedy process, and portability.

braille stapler 2

This six button device is way good in comparison to those old hefty board and writer for deaf and blind people. Using this product, the blind can write Braille very easily and conveniently without being limited to a particular environment or location. You can even carry it anywhere due to its small compact size.

It won’t be wrong to state that portable writing has been made possible for the blind by Braille Stapler. Offering freedom to communicate, this device enables the blind to write Braille through embossed carvings with convenience. You might confuse Braille Stapler with Index Braille Stapler, which is a bulky and traditional stapler.

After the creation of Braille Stapler, the team of Korean designers were more than happy, as they could see what great achievement they have achieved for the blind people around the world.

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Via: Designblog