Darth Vader Delight Cake

There have been a couple of generations passing with Star Wars having a really strong fanbase.  It’s been over thirty years and people still remember clearly Darth Vader’s movie twisting line “Luke, I am your father.” It’s been parodied so much to the point where people who have never watched the movies know, at the very least, who Darth Vader is. Alongside this fame comes a lot of merchandise, like this Star Wars Darth Vader cake.

Darth Vader

While the cake by Karen Portalio itself is recognizably Darth Vader, the cake looks like it’s melted, as if Darth Vader’s weakness was the same as the Wicked Witch of the West. There is not much distance between his neck and the plate, which is probably the reason for this effect.

The baker put more emphasis on Vader’s eyes by making them large and shiny. On the usual, more attention is paid to his helmet, which is one of his most defining features alongside his mouth guard. However, on this cake, the mouth guard and the top of his helmet are a lot smaller, and it seems as if the eyes are popping out at you. The cake has a very alien look, which isn’t a drawback considering Star Wars is infested with alien life forms.

Art is not always about accuracy. This cake is great even though it looks slightly off. It’s a nod to a very famous character, and it is still appealing to the eyes. Hopefully it also tastes great, because though appearance is important, the success of the cake also relies on its taste.

This is the baker’s second attempt at creating a molded chocolate cake, and we can safely say it was a success.

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