Trek Support Electric Backpack Going Boldly Where No Luggage Has Gone Before

The Trek Support Electric Backpack is a great solution when you need power on the go. Not only does it keep your important gadgets safe and readily at hand, it also hooks up easily the nearest power source. Form and function in one package just what we, Walyou folk, love to see.

Trek Support Electric Backpack

Now, what I love most about this Cool Backpack Design is not how useful it is and will be, or the very clever play on words in the whole Trek Support name. What I love most about this product is how it simultaneously has the word Trek in its name while it allows me to act out probably the most common plot device in the Star Trek movies. Wandering around looking for a power source to extricate the crew of the enterprise from yet another sticky situation.

Trek Support Electric Backpack Plugged in

Sure you’re not going to find Dilithium crystals just lying around as you go about your business at warp speed. I don’t need Scotty to tell you that. However, now you can charge your entire bridge… erm control panel… erm I mean a collection of gadgets, without having to find half a dozen power points, multi-plugs, and adaptors. If only they hadn’t forgotten to include the phasers and shields. *sulk*

The Trek Support is the perfect solution for the business traveller and backpacker alike. What sets it apart is the fact that it has a built-in battery, and doesn’t favor gadgets from any one manufacturer, allowing you to enjoy the trapping of your success without down time, regardless of your corporate allegiance.
Trek Support Electric Backpack Gadget Dock

The hard-wearing and travel-friendly Trek Support has two small mesh pockets on the straps; one with a powered (when plugged in) USB port, perfect for phones or MP3 players. The Trek Support gadget dock has an integrated battery, which can charge up to three USB gadgets at once, with the rechargeable battery lasting up to 7 hours, depending on what you’re charging. The Trek Support is available on pre-sale right now @ Quirky the Trek Support is available in charcoal, with bright blue accents and reflective hits on the logo, and bungee cord.

Trek Support Electric Backpack Straps

So if you’re in possession of more than one gadget, and have the need to leave home for any period of time in the near future, get your click on over and get your hands on one of these; haste before your laptop battery dies.

Trek Support Electric Backpack CompartmentsTrek Support Electric Backpack Compartments

If this is a bit too functional, and you prefer your backpacks with more fun than function, perhaps you should try one of the NES  Controller backpack or Darth Vader backpack designs.

Via: Quirky