The Certainty of Opposites – Recycled Art

If you’re a fan of artistic design and sculpture, this sculpture by Jud Turner is definitely worth checking out. It is a sculpture known as “The Certainty of Opposites.”
The sculpture by Jud Turner has a very cool design. It is a foliage covered planet, with an open skull centerpiece. The design itself is absolutely beautiful, the detail is impressive. The sculpture is a recycled/found object assemblage, which basically means that the sculptor collected old parts and reused them.
The above is just some of the materials that have been used. There is an empty plastic sphere that once held beer, a broken umbrella, and some bed springs. The philosophy behind this sculpture is: “between seeming contradictions lie greater truth,” and the bed springs, umbrella and the sphere all create a space of separation, where opposites are kept from meeting. His entire piece revolves around that idea of contradiction, separation, duality, and opposition.
The contrast between life and death is a major feature of the work, and the contrast between the skull and the foliage and trees would be the first thing that comes across. The sculpture is framed in a 25″ x 25″ frame, and is basically a planet surrounding the image of the face of death.
“The Certainty of Opposites” was created for an annual art event sponsored by the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts in Eugene, Oregon, known as the “Object Afterlife Challenge.” The focus of this event is creating through recycling, and the mechanics include that they would be given several trash/recyclable items and a duration of 6 weeks to create something from it. They’re allowed to add materials, but the emphasis is on taking things that are recycled and using them in the piece. Turner decided that he would create this piece to reflect the fact that everything on our planet has a common uniting point; everything must face death. The message is powerful, the sculpture is masterfully created, and the idea behind it was simply ingenious.

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