Nimbb Web Video Recorder Brings the Video Recorder To You

Nimbb is an easy to use web video recorder, allowing users to harness their web cameras to record videos and allowing web developers an opportunity to let their visitors record video straight from their sites using the Nimbb API.

nimbb LogoUnlike tools like DejaPlay that deliver video to your devices, Nimbb makes a wide new range of tools available to budding web designers by giving users access to a powerful API that will allow websites to accept video recordings from users. Nimbb’s flexibility as a web based video recorder makes it a welcome addition to the web tools marketplace.

For individual users, Nimbb provides the following:

  • ability to record video directly from their website
  • ability to add/edit the player javascript
  • access streamed video you’ve watched or recorded
  • download files as .FLV
  • send email notifications when users record videos
  • generate video thumbnails
  • access a web based video manager
  • unlimited number of views and recordings

The Nimbb site is slightly imposing at first with stark interface, however once you get going, you’ll find that this is definitely a developer focused product with bags of assistance on how to use the API and web viewer as well as documentation of what’s under the hood.

nimbb screenshot

With Nimbb offering extensive support, unlimited video storage, and reasonable pricing, the oft under utilized web cam may finally be utilized effectively. The site has tons of help available and it’s really easy to get down and dirty with the their service. The service is definitely geared more towards the web designer and weekend web warrior looking to enhance the functionality of their existing sites. Off the top my head, it would allow users to set up their own:

  • mini video introduction/dating sites
  • visual e-how style directories
  • recordings of users finishing difficult parts of games on their consoles.

Freed of the worry of storage and with the ability to put a capture tool right next to your content, the number of options you have while designing your next big web idea will increase exponentially. Nimbb’s core function is to take the technical burden from the webmaster and allow the user to focus on exploiting the technology rather than coding and maintaining it.

nimbb screenshot

Nimbb’s lightweight player and recorder are easily integrated into your web projects, making it easy to add new content and invite content from your web audience. Nimbb is free to sign up to 5 different subscription types to choose from, depending on the scope of the web projects you require it for.

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