Metroid Prime Gunship Model Will Defeat Model Space Pirates

You don’t have to be Samus Aran to own a Metroid Prime Gunship.  At least, you don’t have to be Samus to own a model.   This detailed model features over 50 LED lights and enough galactic cool to make even the geekiest geek drool.

The replica model has been “painstakingly recreated from original game files,” according to manufacturer First 4 Figures.  One of the coolest things about this model is that it can be positioned relative to the stand, allowing you to decide exactly where Samus is headed.  Once you’ve swiveled the model into position, you can use a screwdriver to fix the ship to one destination – regardless of whether your destination is the kitchen or Tallon IV.

First 4 Figures has licensed this replica with Nintendo, making it an official (and impressive) addition to any Starfleet.   With stand the model is 11.5 inches in height and boasts over 6 pounds of overall weight.  Needless to say, in space it doesn’t matter much, since it’d be weightless.  (I guess it depends on whether or not you have your gravity simulator turned on.)

This replica of Samus’ Metroid Prime Gunship may not be capable of inter-galactic flight, but it is the second in a series of replicas.  A word to the wise: the limited edition factor does make this piece pricier, as well as more coveted.

Granted this model doesn’t come with a sleek and stylish Samus to pilot the ship – but you might be able to find some of the other figures of her to stand guard.  First 4 Figures did recently advertise a Zero Suit Samus that looked pretty sweet.  The Zero Suit Samus is also a limited edition.

The limited edition piece runs pretty close to $300 US – making it a little pricier than the fancy Metroid cake we reviewed a while back.  This replica is also a lot less confusing than the Nintendo Rubik’s cube that features Samus’ logo.

Via: Tomopop