Giant Sculpture Has More Balls Than You Do

While I’m not such a huge fan of modern art, anything with the name “Geometric Death Frequency” scores immediate brownie points in my eyes. So it is, that this giant sculpture made up of 420,000 balls is just plain awesome looking, primarily since it is constructed entirely of small black spheres.

If you’re thinking of putting this together in your backyard, think again. The sculpture was complex enough that it had to be put together completely by manufacturing robots. These bots worked together to glue all the balls one by one. Why? Well…I have no idea, but it accomplishes the liquid effect nicely. The  creator, Federico Diaz, said that he programmed the sculpture in CAD using particle physics to simulate the look of liquid. Once he decided on the proper frozen shape, he then created a 2D manufacturing software. Yeah I could totally do that too…if I wanted. He also created his own “3D printing” rig using robotic arms and dual glue dispensers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like serious business to me.

I have to respect the guy’s enthusiasm, since I can only imagine how much time and effort he had put into putting together this badass sculpture. If you’re looking for other fun and clever artwork, I can point you to the right direction, too. This sculpture made entirely from recycled pieces is sweet looking in a creepy way, for example.  Alternatively, if you want something that’s a little more on the obvious side, there’s this Android guy made up entirely of legos and standing 15 inches tall. I love that cute little Android dude. I’m sure it took fewer manufactured robots to put together, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to look at, right?

Via: Gizmodo