VC100 Monopoly Project Themed Board

It is so sad at times to see that children of today are no more interested in the board games we used to play once. Not only were they intellectual games, but they were also fun at the same time. Unfortunately, the generation of today is more into video games and mobiles games.

But, hey we can’t completely blame them. The fact is that we haven’t done anything to spruce up those old school games as per today’s requirements, have we?

Anyways, after a very long time I saw one such attempt from this guy, Ryan Clarke. He tried making up the monopoly board as much fun as he could and the good part is, he did well. He selected the Super Mario theme for the board, which he likes calling the Paper Mario theme. Good enough it is, and it really makes the board look like some fun game. Although I am still wondering how many kids today would be interested in playing it, it would for sure make them a bit interested in it. Anyways, the middle section of the board is from, and Ryan has used the Livetrace feature in order to make all the images look similar to each other.

The good part is that even though it is a monopoly board, it looks utterly amusing. The thing is that we all know monopoly is usually for the grown up kids, but who knows, after seeing this one, even the younger kids would start playing it. I actually wish that could happen, and it would be one great moment for me. And, I guess that’s what every parent or every older brother would be wishing for right now. Of course, it is a bit weird to see all the kids sitting right in front of the TV and playing those violent video games. I personally think monopoly can actually build up smartness level, and who knows, it can make you the next Bill Gates. After all, you get to learn how to invest and how to make profits on your investment.

Good job Ryan!

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