The Dark Side of the Force has nothing on the Aluminum Falcon

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone took a clever play on words and turned them into an actual replica of the iconic ship from the Star Wars series. This Aluminum Falcon getup was actually inspired by a bit from the hilarious comedy series Robot Chicken.

The creator, Komanac, actually recently made an AT-AT out of duct tape, too, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’d follow up with another awesome piece of work like this. The replica weighs about 5 pounds, and has been actually showcased at the Star Wars 33&1/3 (Naked Gun Reference?) Anniversary art show. I’m sure there were plenty of fans at the show that could appreciate the effort and detail that went into this guy. I have to admit. It did turn out pretty awesome, judging by the pictures.

If you think this falcon looks like it would go nicely on your mantlepiece full of other Star Wars fan junk, then you’re in luck! The Falcon is actually up on eBay, and you can be sure that there is a fan out there somewhere ready to snipe your hopes off the bid price. Being made of aluminum, I wouldn’t consider this as an actual toy, so let’s not drop 5lbs of falcon goodness on your nephew’s head, ok?

If you’re in the market for actual Star Wars Toys, well you can still get something cool like this Millennium Falcon remote control toy. Alternatively, you can suit up with the Mickey Mouse Boba Fett. No one would mess with that mouse. Except maybe the Sarlack Pit, but he doesn’t really mess with people so much as he waits for them to fall in. He might be troubled enough to send out a tendril to snag you now and again, though, so watch your step. Then again, I guess theoretically he could climb out… if his armor could handle it… right?

Via: Boing Boing