Darth Maul Rubik’s Cube Challenges You With His Creepy Face

You know, of all the variations I’ve seen on the classic puzzle piece, I never, ever would have thought of making a Darth Maul Rubik’s cube, but I have to admit that the piece is pretty damn clever.

To say nothing of the actual challenge, anyway. I don’t think Mr. Maul can live up to the many minutes of frustration I’ve wasted on that infernal device.

Judging by the pictures from Toy Master, it looks like old Darth Maul can either look like his usual ugly self or more like a Picasso painting. A video showing someone constructing his messed up face would be helpful, but we’ll have to do it with our own imaginations.

darth maul rubik's cube design

As I said before, there has been plenty of Rubik’s cube fun to go around here on Walyou. Case in point, this Rubik’s Cube Head commercial looks a lot like our friend here, except in a more realistic depiction. If you’re looking for something a little more retro, might I suggest some good old fashioned Megaman Boss Rubik’s Cube. Unfortunately for you, none of them have any weaknesses in this game.