Mosaic Pacman Deco

If you’re from the 1980s, or if you’re a nerd or generally any kind of person that spends more time gaming and on the internet than you probably should be spending, then Pacman is probably a character you’re familiar with. In any case, check out what Natalia Manns came up with!


That’s right! It’s a mosaic Pacman Deco, and it looks really cool. Never mind the presence of the eye, it is just a very creative design idea. That’s the thing about video game characters though, they’re so easy to use as decorations. Pacman certainly is no different. The features on this are just like any mosaic piece, but there’s a certain intrigue about this one, and it’s hard to put your finger on it, but overall, the design is pretty amazing.


The design looks like it’s made from a kind of cork board with the mosaic tiles attached to it, and it looks like a pretty retro design. More importantly, some might critique it, saying that the pieces don’t look right, but it’s a mosaic after all; it’s not supposed to look like a regular image. The fascination that I have with this is on the extra details the mosaicist added like the eyes and some bits of hair (I think it’s hair). You can check out the zoomed in detail below.


The art is pretty solid, and the design overall looks pretty good. It’s pretty fascinating to see artists take popular icons from video games and movies and turn them into artwork such as this mosaic deco; and artists like Natalia indeed do an amazing job with such projects.

Natalia Manns has done other art decos with other designs, like one of the ghosts from Pacman, and her designs generally are pretty amazing.

You can check out more Pacman designs, like the lego Pacman, or this Pacman tattoo, both of which look very cool.