Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf Costume

We all love Michael Jackson, and were extremely sad and disappointed when we heard the news about him passing away. Since then, every fan of Michael Jackson or his music, has been trying to become like him, or copy his dance moves. There were some people who even decided to undergo plastic surgery to look just like him! Well, here is an opportunity for you to look just like Michael Jackson, but don’t worry it is not so intense, you don’t have to do anything severe. All you have to do is invest into this product. Called the Michael Jackson thriller werewolf costume, this will give you a feeling that you are in Michael Jackson’s clothes! This thriller werewolf costume comes with a werewolf mask, varsity jacket (as shown in the pictures), and clawed gloves. There could not have been a better time to buy this product, especially with Halloween around. You will not have to think what you want to dress up as for Halloween; you can now become your favorite pop star. Believe me, wearing this costume for Halloween parties will not only get you so many compliments, but also the centre of attraction and appreciation from your friends for creativity. This Michael Jackson werewolf costume comes for a price of $70, which is a great investment, because you can wear the jacket again and again without the mask and the gloves on an everyday basis, in memory of your favorite pop and rock star, MJ. Another great use of this costume can be by using this costume at the entrance door at your Halloween party. That will set the theme right for the party and give all the people entering a boost in energy for the party. Whoever has bought it until now has been greatly satisfied with this costume. All in all, if you like ‘thriller’ and want to be different for Halloween, this is the right costume for you. For other cool related products, be sure to check out Michael Jackson vinyl figures and Nokia thriller headphones.