Lego TARDIS Panel Plays Doctor Who Theme

BrickFair, considered to be the largest LEGO Fan Festival in the US is approaching and among many new ideas that are coming up just before the festival, Lego TARDIS Panel is a nice concept.

Lego TARDIS Panel

Lego TARDIS Panel is actually a perfect combination of the Doctor’s time travel device and the Lego bricks featuring a technological twist. The amazing design of Lego TARDIS Panel is based on the David Tennant Doctor. The pictures when observed carefully made everyone wonder how to look out of it. People tried finding its window to look outside and then the requirement for a different technique to look outside this panel in which white bricks were kept with the studs on the top came up.

And so, the maker, JustJon, tried to make some changes in Lego TARDIS Panel with SNOT or Studs Not On Top technique. With this technique, people would be able to put the white bricks and blue plates sideways. After a series of trials, the creator thought of a new technique that actually worked by utilizing pins for holding the stacks in place.

When this alteration was done in Lego TARDIS Panel, another problem was left unnoticed in the lower blue sections that required to be repositioned to the center within the holes just below the windows. After the final designing of this panel, eight such Lego TARDIS Panels were built in proper blue color.

The maker of Lego TARDIS Panel later also wanted to add flashing lights along with a motor to open the door and a way to play the Doctor Who Theme. For this, the only possible solution was to use an Arduino Microcontroller to run everything. Then, LED lighting was installed in this panel.

Lego TARDIS Panel 1

Later on, the maker of this superb innovative ordered and built a Wave Shield from Adafruit Industries to play the music. It took him some hours to solder and program the Arduino in Lego TARDIS Panel. Some more hours were spent in working with the stepper motor and motor drivers of this panel.

Once this look was given, the jar was almost ready and only the Police Box stickers were required to be placed on its sides. So, make sure to check out Lego TARDIS Panel at the upcoming BrickFair that will also show you some other amazing creations.

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