Ben Heck Xbox 360 Super Slim Portable Build

This Ben Heck Xbox 360 might be too big to fit in your pocket, but it annihilates the gap between the hand held and traditional console.  Ben Heck has out done himself with this super Portable  Xbox 360 build. The sleek design along with onboard power and a 17’” widescreen LCD display gaming on the go has never looked this good.

Ben Heck Xbox Slim mod

When the need to game descends, what are the chances that you’ll be in front of your console?  For the hardcore gamers the only option is our abused and well used handhelds. Some members of the Gadget Geekorati however have dared to dream bigger than the rest of us, refusing to be chained to their arm chairs in search of high scores and galactic domination. Ben Heck is such a geek, boldly modding where none of us have thought to go before. This is a star of his own Geeky Console Hack DIY show, where he’ll take through his builds from spare parts to innovative custom gaming rigs and peripherals ranging from the ingenious Ben Heck PS3 laptop to this outrageous Atari Controller for the Xbox.

Ben Heck Xbox Slim mod

As you can see from the images, this build is definitley strong in the looks department. This Xbox 360 portable makes a sleek, minimalist statement. Some of the styling is borrowed from the PS3 laptop build but with much more focus on clean clear lines. The unit has it’s own internal power supply and has a very respectable 17 inches of widescreen LCD awesomeness. That and the near production line quality finishing makes this unit an instant winner in my book.

Ben Heck Xbox Slim mod

This Ben Heck branded unit was built as a prize and will be given away to Ben Heck Show viewers. In addition Ben will be building two more units. Those units will be available for sale to a couple of lucky buggers with enough cash to make Ben an offer he can’t refuse.

Ben Heck Xbox Slim mod

The Xbox 360 Slim Portable offers lots of changes, big and small from Ben’s Previous Xbox builds:

  • About 1.5 inches narrower left and right, 1 inch narrower front to back.
  • Internal power supply.
  • Uses stock Xbox 360 Slim fan
  • Touch sensitive power and eject buttons.
  • Pushbutton control audio amplification.
  • 17 inch widescreen LCD display @ 1280×720.
  • Fan grate design copied from PS3 Laptop design.
  • PVC plastic routed case.

In addition there are stereo speakers built into the body of this bad boy to completely immerse you in your portable gaming experience and hopefully annoy the other less fortunate passengers on your next flight.

Ben Heck Xbox Slim mod

As Xbox mods go, Ben Heck has produced possibly my favorite yet with this tiny terror. Ben seems to have found that the Xbox slim is much easier to mod than some his previous projects. We can only hope this translates into Ben producing a hatful of new designs to keep us drooling over.

Via: Ben Heck

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