Bob Basset’s New Mask is Proof He Has Crazy Dreams

Okay, so maybe not “proof,” but I’m guessing he must eat chocolate  before bed.  This latest mask is in perfect keeping with the other Bob Basset designs we have reviewed in the past.  If you’ve never seen any of the items produced by the Bob Basset studio, then you are in for a treat.  Stylish, sleek, and slightly creepy, these unique items are spectacular.

When pressed to think of how to describe one of Bob Basset’s masks, I’m tempted to incorporate one part Sci-Fi, one part Steampunk, and one-part bad drug trip. (Which makes me glad I never dropped acid with Bob Basset.)  Many of Basset’s designs have a fetishistic edge, complete with leather and brass.

This unique piece is made of black leather, brass, and laces. If you were planning on dressing up like one of the characters from the original Hellraiser movies, this is probably well, worth the investment. Granted – you might also be able to pass as one of the characters from the Watchmen or Franklyn.  As far as I can tell, Bob Basset hasn’t been contracted to do any movie costuming — but I hope it’s on the horizon.

The Bob Basset Workshop is based out of Ukraine, where artists with over twenty years of experience manufacture their creepy designs out of leather, resin, glass, metal, and a variety of other materials.  This simple piece is made of smooth black leather with a lace-up back.  The eyepieces and “mouth” piece seems to be made out of brass, polished to a high gloss.

I have no idea how well you can breathe or see in this thing, but even as a display piece it’s pretty amazing.  The stand showed in the pictures appears to have a “rusty” finish that makes it that much cooler.

If you’re interested in Bob Basset’s other designs you might want to check out some of the masks we’ve reviewed in the past, including the Virus Outbreak Mask and/or the black leather “transforming” bag that seems to showcase the absolute creativity of the Bob Basset studio.  Oh, and sweet dreams.

Via: Bob Basset