The Cloak Watch

Very rare and yet very basic – this is what the new Cloak design looks like. The watch has been given a brand new look in the form of Cloak.Designers Nissan Graisel and Emanuele Laviosa have come up with a very ‘different’ looking design for the age old watch. Time and again we have come across a wide range of watch designs done by designers from around the world but nothing like this one. The designers describe it as ‘a cheap mechanism disguised by a fancy shell’.

This small timepiece is one of those designs where the user gets to create his watch all by himself. Remember those toys that come in pieces and require assembling? You would have to punch out each piece from the large frame and carefully piece together all of them. What you finally had was your self-created toy. The Cloak helps relive those wonderful days.

Before you start out, read the instructions carefully. This is an important part of every creation or else pieces might get mixed up. Every part of the watch is lightly attached to a large stained steel plate, which has been treated with chemical etching technology. Leading lines lead to half etched instructions displayed on the sheet itself. Carefully punch out each piece from the frame. It would be best to go step by step in an order. The pieces to be used first should come out first, followed by the rest in line. This would ensure that you get each one in order and there is no scope for confusion. Once done, you will have a snazzy looking watch strapped on your wrist. And the best part is that you created it. Thanks to designers Graisel and Laviosa.

The design for the Cloak was showcased in That’s Design, Politecnico di Milano University’s design week of 2010 and was highly appreciated. It was created during the Market Course but did not get the same reception. Minor changes were made to it but keeping the basic design intact while the views and opinions changed. Suddenly, it became a desirable item.

The designers of Cloak put in a lot of effort into the designing of the product. To promote their design at the design week, they also came up with a business card, which bears their contact information along with the website link for the Cloak.

The designers believe that ‘innovation and creative solutions’ are their most important tools and these have been displayed in the creation of the Cloak.

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