The Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Replica

One of the most iconic images from the original Ghostbusters movies is probably the giant ghost, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Recently, a special effects design team, Tom Spina Designs, got their hands on, and redesigned the head for the original Stay Puft Man prop, and is now on display somewhere for all Ghostbusters fans to reminisce over and admire.


The design may look a little strange, and probably different from what you remember of Stay Puft, but this is a side by side of the metallic skeleton and a recreated white puff face. When TSD acquired the original prop, all they had access to was the head, and this even after the “flesh” was removed, leaving the metal superstructure. On the whole, this is something that Ghostbusters fans can appreciate because the facial structure is recognizable as being the same one from the movie, along with having a kind of artistic merit which seems to say a lot about the process of creating such a prop.


The structure is the original size of Stay Puft Man’s head, obviously, and TSD was asked to restore it for a unique display, to which they described the opportunity,

When we were approached to come up with a unique display for an original Mr. Stay Puft movie prop head, we jumped at the chance.

They decided that adding half the face would give a kind of context for people to help them recognize the popular icon, while showcasing the under-skull and its prop integrity.


The designers behind this piece, Tom Spina and Michael Thomas, whose collected efforts led to this side-by-side display of “as seen on screen” and “behind the scenes” which makes it easily recognizable and easy to appreciate, showing the art behind the techniques that they used in Hollywood movie making.




Overall, the designers did a really good job with what they were given, and it looks amazing. You can check out some other shots of this design below.

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