Handsfree Electric Unicycle

We all love technology and as we all know there are innovations in technology happening almost every minute. Who wouldn’t love technology, since it is making life so much easier, convenient, and exciting! On that note, here is a product that is unique and something that you have all wanted and/or tried to do before on a bicycle.

The product is an electric unicycle, and has the technology of being able to balance the weight of the person using it. Isn’t that exciting? We all have tried to keep our hands free in the air and pretend like we can fly when riding a bicycle, right? Here is a product that will allow you to do that without any risks, as this unicycle is made just for that.

This unicycle is eco-friendly, and by that, I mean to say that the unicycle balances itself by embracing advanced electronics including accelerometers and gyroscopes. Since there is only one wheel, it is the main component of the unicycle that does all the magic to maintain the balance of the cycle and make your experience a different and unique one.

The unicycle has a powerful 1000 watt BLDC hub motor that enables the rider to move forward and backward at up to 10 mph along with the electronic balance control module.  The electronic balance control module performs the main functions such as motor speed control, motor torque control, and regenerative braking, as the unicycle is running based solely on this technology. The self-balancing unicycle is powered by a lithium-ion-mano phosphate battery that is placed under the seat, and can go up to 12 miles without needing another charge of battery. And obviously, as seen in the pictures, this unicycle does not require pedaling, as the rider can control the speed of the unicycle by leaning forward or backward to accelerate or stop, respectively.

Riding this unicycle is just like walking, but in an innovative way. And trust me, when you are out on the road riding this unicycle, every eye will surely be on your unicycle.

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Via: gizmowatch.com