Take Your Pictures to the Third Dimension with the FinePix 3D Camera

With the recent slew of 3D films running the gambit from great to terribly bad (looking at you Jackass), I suppose it was only a matter of time before the third dimension was available to the average consumers. Thanks to this FinePix REAL W3 3D camera, now you can take your pictures and bust them out in 3D. You can even shoot HD 3D Movies!

I guess the guys who remade “Piranha” in 3D must have gotten their hands on one of these. Made from Fujifilm, the W3 has been updated to make it more stylish and easier to use than previous iterations. Ultimately, the experience now should be point, shoot, 3D awesomeness. It has a 3X Optical zoom lens too, allowing you to get as close as 38cm when shooting macro.

If you’re the more advanced 3D camera user, you can utilize other features like individual shutter 3D shooting. This takes two shots of the same subject from different positions, and then merges the images to create an enhanced 3D photo. Kapow. It also has interval 3D shooting too, allowing you to take multiple shots and well suited to being on the go like in a train, plane, or automobile with Steve Martin. You also have the option of bringing your 3D masterpieces to life on a bigger screen like the FujiFilm 3d Viewer.

No one ever said 3D technology came cheap, though, and if you want to make the next bad 3D movie to hit the theaters you’re gonna need to loosen up those purse strings, as the FinePix 3D Camera clocks in at $663. Ouch. Of course, if you’re interested in other camera goodness, might I recommend this Japanese underwater digital camera or for something a little more delicious, we have the Olympus camera cake. Omnomnomnomom.