Super Mario Trams Invade Melbourne

Aside from the occasional large geeky event like the most recent Comic Con in New York, it is fairly rare to see a city celebrate, say, a video game icon. Yet, Melbourne’s tram network apparently loves Super Mario and his cohorts so much, they decided to give their trams a fantastic makeover: Mario style.

I have to say, the city definitely nailed the theme. The trams look like they have a little Mario moustache going, and all of your favorite Mario poses are included. I’d have liked to see some more Toady type characters mixed in there as well, but I guess you can’t have everything. The makeover was inspired by the most recent 25th birthday of Super Mario (He’s younger than me? Thanks a lot Mario, I feel so friggin’ old sometimes). I hope they also incorporated some Mario sounds to go along with it, so when the Tram stopped to pick someone it would have had Mario’s voice on the loudspeaker yelling “Let’s a go!”

Also, while they were on the move, they could have played the Mario theme songs from each game. If that got a bit boring, well they could always mix it up with the occasional remix. If they wanted to go all out, they could have installed a Wii on there and played some of the latest Mario Party game with passengers. Oh yeah, this is all coming together.

This isn’t the first time Mario has been used as a theme for transportation, although not at this scale. We featured the Mario Kart Mini Cars awhile back, complete with your very own racetrack and the ability to shoot shells and drop bananas at your friends! If you’d like to carry Mario around with you on a regular basis and you don’t live in the wonderful city of Melbourne, you have other options. Take this Mario backpack, for example. Not only it isn’t a rocking depiction, but Mario’s fat belly has plenty of storage!

Via: New Launches