The Avatar Pinball Machine

We all remember the time when the movie Avatar hit the theaters and the audiences went gaga over the movie, direction, cinematography and the like. The movie was so brilliantly made that we still remember the movie to be in the list of the best movies ever made.

Pinball, the word will be familiar to every person who has once used a desktop. As it was the one game that you could never get bored of playing on the PC. Pinball is a unique game and has made many people going crazy over it.

So, you must be thinking what is the connection between these two, right? Well, here is a product that combines the two things mentioned above. The product is a pinball machine with the theme of avatar! It is a life size machine that you can keep in your living room and you can invite friends over at your place to play the game and hang out with your dear ones.

The pinball machine has been designed keeping the avatar theme in mind, and has sound effects, somewhat similar to in the movie. This Avatar pinball machine has been made by Stern Pinball, Inc. one of the only and very renowned pinball makers in the industry. This avatar pinball machine has been priced at Find great deals on quality items at the $5000. The price might make you think twice about this product, but it is totally worth it, as the experience you will get will not match up to any other pinball game played on the PC or anywhere else.

If you have seen avatar, you will appreciate this masterpiece’s value, and will definitely think about investing in this pinball machine, as it has been made for people just like you. And if you haven’t gotten the chance to catch up on avatar, I recommend you to get hold of the movie as soon as possible because a. you are missing out on something big, and b. You won’t believe how excited you will be to get hold of this pinball machine!

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