Bumblebee Transformer Costume: People In Disguise

The concept of having a car also turn into a robot is quite appealing, which is why the Transformers series is so popular. In general we like to see things turn into other things, and more importantly we like to see it while it’s happening. There is a certain appeal to it. That is what makes this video/costume so epic.

This video was posted on Youtube about a month ago so it’s probably safe to say that it’s not a Halloween party. Since the description is in another language it’s difficult to say where the video takes place and what is the actual context of the video. Despite that, the video is still very interesting to watch. It starts off with Bumblebee Camaro, and by the title alone you already expect to see the car transform. You watch the video, looking at it twitch and waiting for the transformation to happen. This spoiler doesn’t take away the shock of what you end up seeing.

Car transformer

Like expected, the car transforms into a robot, but the surprise comes from the fact that the robot is an actual person, and his costume seems to be made out of cardboard. That is pretty anti-climatic I’ll admit, but the performance of it blows my mind. I can’t quite figure out how the costume designer managed to create a costume that can fit together in car form, and can easily be changed back into human form. His transformation literally took seconds to complete. There was no hesitation, and there was no struggle. Even with most transformers toys, the transformation is never as smooth as they try to show in their commercials.

Human Transformer

This video has near a million views, and for good reason. Congratulations to the creator in having the patience to put this costume together.

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