Gold Monopoly!

Okay, so maybe the title is meant to be a pun, but it is rather appropriate in this situation, considering what we’re looking a true Monopoly board game set made completely in gold and jewels. It could very easily be the most expensive board game set ever; with the dice alone being worth $10,000 US, it’d be easy to see why it’s currently on display at the Museum of American Finance.


The set was designed by renowned jewellery designer Sidney Mobell, and was revealed at the Museum of American Finance, being on loan from the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of National History.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many images of the set as we would like, but from the image above, it’s obvious that everything is based on gold, so apart from the dice and pieces, the hotels and houses are made of gold, the board is made of gold, the community chest and chance cards, property cards. The money are made with a photo-etching technique, so they’re photo-etched on both the front and back. The set is made up of different grades of gold and a variety of gemstones for the dice and the properties on the board, adding up to a total of 165 gems. The board is a 23 karat gold plate, and all the smaller pieces are 18 karat, such as the dice and tokens for players, houses and hotels, and each house and hotel has a gem set on it somewhere. The set is expected to be worth roughly $2 Million USD.

The creator, Sidney Mobell, said this of his art:

“…all my things have taken a lot of notoriety, and they’re actually pieces of art. It isn’t [about] ‘why did you make it?’ It’s the idea that ‘I made it.’”

The video immediately following is of an interview with Mobell about his piece which is on display at the Museum of American Finance through October 2012.

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Via: Bornrich