15 Killer Rubber Band Gun Designs

If you have never heard of rubber band guns or played with one before, we can be pretty sure that your childhood was totally wasted. Rubber band fight is one of the most exciting and affordable games every kid can play.

Sympathetically, game companies have been working hard to make up for your stolen childhood. They continually introduce new super cool designs of rubber band guns that make the fight interesting and suitable not only for kids, but for adults as well. Arm yourself with one of 15 killer rubber band guns below, you can now enjoy the fight in the office or school while remaining cool and geeky at the same time.

If you want other options besides Rubber Band Guns, then take a look at the collections of Lego Weapons, Papercraft Weapons and even Steampunk Guns.

Rubber Band Gatling Gun

The Rubber Band Gatling Gun is a handmade gun using CNC machined parts that would make you feel as if you are holding a real gun. It can shoot 100 rounds of rubber bands at a time, is capable of hunting down animals like lizards, bats, and even honeybees. Weighed around 20 pounds and priced at $499, it’s definitely not a gun for kids.

Wooden Gatling Rubber Band Gun

Standing 40-inches tall, this gatling gun can be loaded with up to 144 rubber bands and “effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees and tilts from 45 degrees up to 22 degrees down.” You might need a tripod to handle this imposing rubber band gun .

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Here comes the twin Vulcan canon of the rubber band gun world. Capable of firing more than 40 rounds per second (2400 rounds per minute) from its 24 revolving barrels, DISINTEGRATOR Rubber Band Gun is the gun that make the Gatling Rubber Band Gun look like a kid’s toy. But wait, isn’t it already a kid’s toy?

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Rubber Band Gun

Metal Gear Solid 4 fans must have gone crazy when they see this. The Silver Wolf pistol, Snake’s chosen weapon, was recreated here as a Japanese fan’s stainless steel and rubber band DIY masterpiece. Constructed with numerous cross-drilled plates and featuring both a laser sight and integrated flashlight, the Rubber Band Gun looks to be impressively accurate and quite painful.

Firewheel Rubber Band Gun

If you think that you have seen something similar to this gun somewhere, you are probably right. This gun was featured on numerous action movies, including Galaxy Quest. This rubber band gun does not only look odd, it is also odd to use. It features a wheel that only holds ten rounds, and its spiral design means you always have to start loading it at some point.

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Rubber Band Defender Arduino Robot

A DIY robot has taken the rubber fight gun to a hi-tech level. This robot was built on a black & decker pocket power with a rather crude rubber band gun attached on top. The rubber bands are loaded onto the tines of a servo modified for continuous rotation. Each 1/4 turn makes a rubber band fire. The robot fires at everything “in range” which the creator set to about 15 inches.

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Knex Semi Automatic Rubber Band Gun

This handmade semi-automatic rubber band gun uses an 8 cogwheel rubber band gun firing mechanism and houses up to 8 rubber band slots. The best thing is that the design is simple enough for you to build one of your own.

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Fully Automatic Rubber Band Gun

This 4 feet long rubber band gun is fully automatic and can fire 19 rubber bands as fast as you can spin the handle. It is another DIY product.

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Rubber Bandit

The Rubber Bandit’s fine pistol-like look makes it a perfect toy for grown-ups. Handcrafted out of curly maple and bloodwood, the gun comes complete with interchangeable barrels, allowing the bearer to fine tune the amount of damage he or she inflicts.

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Rubber Band Tommy Gun

The name says it all, this rubber band gun design is taken after gangster style Tommy Gun. It is made of wood and can fire up to 12 rubber bands at a time (individually in quick succession).

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ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun

Our beloved Lego always has something cool to offer, and this time, it is  the ULTIMATE Lego Chaingun. The gun has 8 barrels, a 64 shot capacity, and an eleven rounds per second firing rate. This rubber band chaingun took over a month to build, and is powered by a Lego motor.

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Rubber Band Shooter Pen

This cute handy rubber band shooter is not just a toy. Take the end cap off and you’ve got a ballpoint pen. It also has a key-ring for holding rubber bands.

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The Ringshot

This rubber band gun is hardly a gun. The Ringshot is a slingshot reinforcement for your fingers to avoid the pain caused in bloody rubber band fights. A hollowed sheath of stainless steel makes a rigid, immovable ‘L’ of your thumb and index finger, allowing the mounted rubber band to be drawn back without causing the loops to wildly snap off your fingers.

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Rubber Band ClipGun

Not all the weapons look frightening. This simply beautiful ClipGun was designed by designer Shira Nahon to bring art into war. Aptly called “Piu Piu”, it is a nod towards the sounds we make when we pretend to “shoot” our friends.

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Concealed Rubber Band Gun

A three-shot, semi-automatic rubber band gun is small and slim enough to be hidden entirely in an old converted iPod. You can sneak it anywhere with you without getting any unnecessary attention.

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