Diablo 3 – Feel the Thrill Again with Some Demo Gameplay Videos

I remember when the first time I played Diablo 2, I was all excited. It was an amazing experience and I counted the game amongst my all time favorite ones. Well, I have always loved horror games and the Resident Evil series, but the Diablo series have been my favorite.

So, why am I talking about it now after so many years? Well, I am talking about it because I have good news for all the Diablo fans out there. Guess what? Diablo 3’s 20 minutes demo video has released!

Well, okay I know how frustrating it is to just see the demo because we have been hearing about the return of Diablo from a long time. But, something is better than nothing right? And, in this case, it sure is. I think this is what we call making things more exciting and that is exactly what the company has done. They are creating the hype and suspense, and to be honest, to a certain extent they have won. At least, I am pretty much excited to see these pictures and the videos.

The one who posted this video has kept himself anonymous for some reasons but who cares? We want the video and we got it. This Blizzcon 2010 gameplay demo of Diablo 3 is 20 minutes but in this time, it gives you a great feel of the game. In the first 15 minutes, the video shows the demon hunter. By the way, the Demon Hunter was recently announced as the last playable class of the game. Anyways, the video also shows the PvP footage in the end and this was again announced on the opening ceremony of Blizzcon recently.

The good part is what makes you excited, that the video gives you a taste of how the game play would be. Believe it or not, the video makes the game look awesome and I am expecting it to be the same when it is released. The sad part is that despite the demo video and other things being announced, the release date of the game is still a secret.

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via: vg247