The Karate Copycat Challenge – A Great Way to Keep Your Kids Occupied

Have you often watched Bruce Lee making a war face and wished you could do that too and follow it up with some cool karate moves just like he does in his movies? Do you frequently find yourself gaping at Jackie Chan’s quickie kicks and desire to improve your hand-eye coordination sometime soon? Think signing up with a karate instructor is expensive and too time consuming, but still want to hone your ‘KIAI!’ skills? Well then, enough sitting around! The Karate Copycat Challenge is just the gadget that you need to bring home to practice your punches and those ultra-cool slicing movements with!

This user-friendly gizmo is designed based on a very simple concept – motion sensor devices. Similar to the dance-off challenge stations, the user must time himself and match his moves to the blinking lights and melody sequences. There are four semi-circular rings forming a quartet and the players must shove their hands into the open area of these rings after the flash and the audible. The motion sensing devices detect the accuracy of the moves as per the timing of the light and music sequences. If the player has met the description of the move, he scores!

There are seven different possible games that the player can choose and try from. To make the game harder, the player can keep the lights flashing at an accelerated speed and the melody continuously playing by making the moves aimed in between the rings, faster and nonstop. Choosing a time frame, attempts can be made to illuminate as many loops as possible while keeping the machine playing a continuous tune like an instrument. Each time your move is accurate and perfectly in sync, the game’s computer keeps a scoreboard that it adds to. At the start, it might seem difficult and notes played by the Karate Copycat Challenge might sound interrupted and rushed, but as you master your karate skills, you will hear your moves building up towards a continuous composition.

The Karate Copycat Challenge is a great way to keep your middle schooler occupied outside of the TV room. This is also a wonderful method to channel a hyperactive child’s bubbling energy. Suitable for anyone over the age of seven years old, it is bound to make you buff and keep you attempting at it for hours. Priced at about $39.95, it is a fun buy.

Next stop. Karate Duel!

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