23 Awesome Skull Art and Designs

Death with its power and mystery has always been an ultimate inspiration for generations of artists. Legendary rock bands like Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Slayer, Disturbed, etc. have been featuring the skull, death’s signature image, on their album covers since forever. However, the skull doesn’t limit its influence to the rock community. This image has been incorporated in various designs, both for daily use and artistic exhibition.

The 23 most awesome skull design masterpieces below have reached such an artistic level that will make even the most death-fearing person want to put their hands on.

Skeleton Bicycle

When looking at this amazing sculpture masterpiece, you can’t help but wow for the artist’s incredible creativity. “R-Evolve” 2009, as it’s called, was created by Jud Turner in May 2009. A skeleton is bending forward and gripping the front wheels, while the frame of the bike is made of the spine while the legs are molded to the pedals. The skeleton bike won’t be a skeleton without a skull leading the way.

Thirteen Skulls Art

Jud Turner, the acclaimed artist above has also created “Thirteen Skulls” (Love lasts longer than death) as an ode to the tradition of Memento Mori genre of art. 12 skulls are arranged in a circle around a mirror, where the 13th skull is conspicuously missing. The missing thirteenth skull belongs to you and thus reminds you that earth is not far away, and that it is waiting patiently somewhere around the corner.

Youth Shell Skull Art

To most people, organizing junk items is simply a cleaning task, but to James Hopkins, it’s an artistic journey. The talented artist used disco balls, speakers, wine bottles, a stupefying globe, and a rather dull-looking clock, together with a dozen other junk items to create an awesome display case featuring a hidden skull image. As the nature of art is not for people to understand, it’s unclear why he calls his creation “Wasted Youth.”

Real Skeleton Art

With his unique talent, Francois Robert has successfully proven that real human skeletons are not creepy, but rather beautiful and can be used in an initiative for Peace and Tolerance. Utilizing only one human skeleton, he has portrayed many shapes, and names them as “Stop the Violence.” Each of those artworks measures 5 to 6 feet wide.

Xbox 360 Skull Controller Cradle

With the Halo 3 logo right at its center front and the Spartans Master Chief image on the back, this skull themed Xbox 360 controller cradle is such a beautiful Xbox Mod that any gamer would die to have. Unfortunately, it is art, not yet a real product.

Skull Coffee Mug

Even if drinking from a skull is too morbid for you to think about, this cool ceramic-made skull coffee mug can still be of use, like to fill up your work desk with a little spooky atmosphere.

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Silver Skull Spoon

With multiple holes, those skull spoons might be a little bit impractical for actual use, but they will be a perfect addition to your skull-shaped gadget collection. These awesome Silver Skull Spoons ($45 each) are made from vintage silver by Tom Sale, aka Pinky Diablo. They come in teaspoon or tablespoon sizes.

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Skull Helmet

There is no better gadget than a skull helmet for your Ghost Rider inspired motorbike. The helmet brings a clear message: Wear the helmet else you’ll become a skull.

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Viking Skull Money Box

The Viking Skull Money Box comes with Viking armor and chainmail, with two large horns protruding from each side. It is made from resin and finished in realistic colors, with a slot at the back for depositing your coins, and a replaceable rubber bung at the bottom for withdrawals. Perfect for scaring moms, or resting your cap on.

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Swarovski Skull

Swarovski designer Quinn Gregory has decided to fight with his destiny when he was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease by creating a rare piece of art: Swarovski-studded skulls. The skull is decorated with white Swarovski crystals on the surface and blue sapphires on the eyes. The price for these rare beauties starts with $3,000 and have more than 8000 Swarovski pieces on each hear.

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Digital Skull Art

Faiyaz Jafri‘s digital skulls art looks scary yet absolutely eye-catching at the same time. The stainless steel balls that cover the entire face are appropriately placed to make it glitter menacingly. This illustration brings out the fact that we can be inspired by anything in the world around us, if we choose to see it in a positive way.

Biomech Bronze Skull

Thanks to his knowledge of human anatomy, biomechanics, and an unmatched passion for sculpture art, Christopher Conte has been creating unique art pieces like an articulated arm, a carbon fiber spider, etc.; and this biomechanical bronze skull seems to be a high-tech addition to his ever expanding repertoire.

LEGO Terminator Skull

With an impressive amount of detail and craftsmanship, this LEGO Terminator bust is a lifesaver for any Terminator fan who wants to make a LEGO replica for the 1980s thriller. Just about all of the bases have been covered by the artist, going by the name “robbed” at Brickshelf, including the scary looking glowing red eyes, teeth, gearworks, and even a few shots of the internal workings.

Pacman Skull

If you find it hard to associate your cute little Pacman with a creepy skull image, take a look at this super cool Pacman skull made by artist Le Gentil Garçon with help from paleontologist Francois Escuilie. The skull is 65cm in diameter and made of resin. The skeleton consists of strong bones, and Pacman’s huge jaw has a fine number of bright white teeth to constantly devour those delicious little Pac-dots, Power Pellets as well as the deep blue monsters.

Huge Skull Art from Computer Screens and Circuits

Bonniegrrl provided this photo that shows an abnormally large skull art which seems to be made from computer screens, circuit boards, computer keyboards, and additional tech items.

Steampunk Vervet Monkey Skull

The Departed, the name of this Vervet Monkey Skull, is an art piece that any Steampunk would highly appreciate. The Vervet (or Green) monkey lives in the savannah and woodlands of Africa. A cast of this monkey’s skull is fitted with mixed metal components and parts of some antique clocks and watches, which give it a somewhat ghoulish look.

Classic Mac Keyboard Skull T-Shirt

Mac is so cool that it can even make skulls look cool. This T-shirt features a classic skull design, made with the keys from a pair of Apple keyboards.

ASCII Skull Tattoo

While hardly any of us know how to work with the ASCII codes, here is a tattoo artist who has gone ahead and inked a cool digital skull tattoo using the computer code. It was created by Sabine Puchler from Burnie to pay homage to the initial days of computer as well as the advanced level of computing that we have reached today.

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Skull Art: Down to Earth

Jud Turner must really have a thing for skulls. The professional sculptor has created the ghastly “Eat your veggies (so that one day the veggies may eat you)”, Mechanical Yin Yang Sculpture, and The Certainty of Opposites masterpieces. They feature skulls together with plants and various recyclable materials.